More than 40 countries and counting!

The International Gourmet Festival prides itself on being a gastronomic showcase to show the entire world the enormous culinary wealth that Mexico has. Here below, some of the reach that has been achieved in 23 years of tradition:

One of the greatest attractions of the FGI is the presence of some of the most renowned chefs in the world gourmet scene, who have brought that eclectic and multicultural essence to each edition, so we have the task of bringing these celebrities closer to the reach of our diners.

It is thus, that places as geographically distant as Taiwan, South Africa or Chile, among many others, have captivated all foodies whether they are residents or visitors of the host cities: Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Tepic.

From the Asia-Pacific area, we have had the distinguished presence of chefs such as Niikura Masayuki, Jags Aldaba and Hiroshi Kawahito, who have left up the millennial Japanese cuisine, as well as Alan Huang from Taiwan, Moyoung Won Yoo from Korea, Hnoi Lattiham & Moaya Sheiman from Thailand and Jonathan Heath from Australia.


The Middle East and the African continent have brought the singularity and abundance, especially the characteristic spices of their gastronomy. Some examples are: The Ayurvedic cuisine of Pakistani chef Riaz Ahmad and the unmatched technique of Sherryl Rosario & Sarbhal Da Silva, from India; Charbel Aoun from Lebanon; Abdessatar Zitouni from Tunisia and Ryan Steyn from South Africa.

From Europe, we’ve had the visit of great masters of French cuisine like Frederic Lejeune, Eric Lenoir or Vincent Lesage, to name a few; Stefan Bünning & Peter Durst among many more Germans; Carlos Nuere & Bruno Oteiza Remiro representing Spain; Along with Massimo Fongaro & Umberto Fregoni sharing the unparalleled Italian cuisine.

It is also worth mentioning that we have enjoyed the well-known presence of renowned chefs from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Scotland, England, Finland, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland, making clear that Europeans have enormous expertise .

We can’t forget the representatives of our Americas. From the North Pole to Patagonia, important names such as: Marcos Gabriel Fulcheri, Dante Ferrero, Betty Vázquez, Kurt Kretzschmar, Nico Mejía, and many others from Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Check out the complete list of guest chefs here, stay tuned to our blog as we will continue posting everything you need to know to enjoy the twenty-third edition of the International Gourmet Festival. #FGI23

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