San Salvador St. 117,
Col. 5 de Diciembre,
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco,
C.P. 48350

La Corona

Curated by chef elías sapién, “La Corona” restaurant offers a signature cuisine experience with a conceptual ambiance where the flavors, textures and aromas of his creations stand out as the most important elements of the evening.

TEMA CULINARIO Mexican Cuisine with Yucatecan Accent

Chef Invitado

Berenice Sainz

Originally from Irapuato, Guanajuato. The closeness with her grandmother and all the advice from her mother and father, were essential to learn all the secrets they always enjoyed during family meals. After international experiences, such as London, and after graduating from the Gastronomy career, she began her life project, BIXA Restaurant, which has become one of the 7 best Restaurants in the State of Guanajuato.

Chef Local

Elías Sapien Leal

Guadalajara, Jalisco is the city that witnessed his birth and his beginnings in the kitchen, being the third generation dedicated to this culinary art. Restless, hungry for knowledge, he never gets tired of learning, always looking to enrich his kitchen through experiences. His cuisine is based on traditional and family cuisine, trained in the traditional French way and accumulating experience on several countries of the world.

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