Gourmet Cuisine & Veganism

In the culinary world there is place for all tastes and the Gourmet International Festival of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Tepic is pleased to present the most sophisticated proposals for the peculiar vegan public.

One of the trendiest ways of living nowadays, is veganism, most of us know a friend or family who are opting for this gastronomic option, whether for health reasons or simple taste.

Any person who does not include animal products in their diet at all, is considered a vegan; So their food is based mainly on vegetables and seeds, which are the raw material for cooking, it usually varies according to the time of year, but ingredients such as quinoa, oregano, basil or ginger are the most common in their recipes .

The fine texture of these meals is achieved with ingredients such as soy, corn or wheat flour. To add flavor, seasonings such as paprika, curry or pepper, are becoming very popular so vegans don’t really miss meat.
Even though there are multiple opinions about whether going vegan is good or bad for your health, many experts recognize that a vegan diet is beneficial to our body. However you should always have in mind that if your diet is decompensated, you may not get the necessary nutrients for your body.

Great masters of vegan cuisine have appeared in different editions of the International Gourmet Festival, one of them was the renowned chef Miguel Bautista, current co-founder and executive chef at Vegan Planet, a culinary landmark in the beautiful resort city of Cancun.

Also, famous Swiss chefs Christian Krebs and Regina Melech performed at the legendary Café des Artistes, to give a chair of vegan flavor with all their expertise acquired in some of the most emblematic restaurants in the world such as the exclusive hotel of 7 Stars “Burj al Arab” in Dubai.

Stay tuned to our blog, soon we will share who are going to be the vegan stars during this 23rd edition of the International Gourmet Festival.

Bon appétit!


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