Till Engler

Provenance: Germany

Chef Patron: Executive chef at Gastwerk GmbH

Invited by:

Restaurant Coco Tropical

Chef Till Engler is from Southern Germany. After his training as a chef in Freiburg, he soon moved to Switzerland, to Zürich, where he worked for several years in different boutique Restaurants around famous Paradeplatz and Lake Zurich as Chef, Sous-Chef and Head Chef. There, he got in touch with the latest kitchen-trends, but also the traditional Swiss Cuisine, which lives quite a revival among young and trendy people!

The fusion of both traditional and modern cuisine, he celebrated at his own restaurant in a small town close to the famous Skiing-Resort of Chamonie, France!

For the last two years, he has been working as Executive Head Chef for Gastwerk GmbH, a small company with 3 Restaurants in Hotspots in the picturesque Berneas Oberland! As Executive Chef, he designs the Menus for Swiss and International Guests, always combining the rich traditional Swiss Cuisine with modern, international influences!Restaurant Coco Tropical and their crew will give a warm welcome to this exciting Icon of Swissness Cuisine and without doubt, he will evolve his current culinary standards in favor to all our gourmet customers.

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