Le Kliff’s guest chef at Young Chef S. Pellegrino 2018 semifinals!

One of the most promising young stars of Mexican cuisine will be present at the 23rd edition of the International Gourmet Festival of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit & Tepic. We speak about Chef Oscar Casimiro Segundo, Let’s get to know him better!

With a deep pride in his roots, Chef Oscar has surprised everybody with his exquisite way of showing the legendary Mazahua cuisine, a millenary ethnicity from central Mexico characterized by integrating the ash in the elaboration of its typical food, as the case of traditional barbecue.

The Mazahua or “Men of the deer” have inhabited for centuries, mainly in what today is San Felipe del Progreso, Mexico State, being one of the indigenous cultures that has more preserved its practices and traditions in Mexico, despite being relatively unknown for the rest of the population.

One of their greatest treasures is surely their gastronomy, since Mazahua cooking techniques, although simple, have passed down from generation to generation for a specific reason: Culinary operations are interpreted as mediators between opposing poles allowing themselves to symbolize the processes of nature.

By knowing the Mazahua cultural wealth, we can help recovering the wisdom they have stored for years, there’s no doubt this is a wise people with a very wide variety of food, both vegetables and meats obtained during the year and according to seasons.

Among their main ingredients, we find: Beans, broad beans, pumpkins, nopales, quelites, some insects, fish, tadpoles, hunting and domesticated animals, always adding their millennial preparation and consumption practices.

This interesting blend of flavor and culture has been the key to bringing Chef Oscar Casimiro Segundo to the semifinal of the prestigious Young Chef S. Pellegrino 2018 and will compete in the Grand Finale to be held in Milan, Italy in May next year.

For now, do not miss out his expertise from November 10th to 19th, 2017 as guest chef of the Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta Restaurant and his culinary theme: “The sea and the Mazahua cuisine”.

Bon appétit!


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