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Carretera a Barra de Navidad Km. 7.5 Puerto Vallarta, JAL. 48390, Mexico.

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa

Hours: Always Open


+52 (322) 176 0718

Blanca Blue Restaurant and Lounge at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa showcases elegant avant-garde fine dining experiences where delicious Mexican flavors take center stage to surprise as well as satisfy the taste buds with creative flair. The oceanfront award-winning venue in Puerto Vallarta is a contemporary gourmet restaurant dedicated to the ever-evolving culinary arts and latest trends in gastronomy.

Guest Chef

Manuel Baños

The sensitivity, good taste and seriousness with which Chef Baños approached the “Pitiona” project caught the attention of specialists almost immediately, earning him the Young Chef Promise Award in 2011 by the Gourmet Awards of Travel+Leisure magazine, being recognized as a finalist in the 2012 Gourmet Awards of Travel+Leisure magazine (Mexico) in the category of Best Tasting Menu and receiving the award as Chef of the Year from GQ magazine in 2014.
As if that were not enough, Conde Nast Traveler magazine of NYC, included Pitiona among the best 21 New restaurants in the world, while Food & Wine magazine named him in an article as “The most exciting cooking talents in the world”, and also in 2014 the National Chamber of Restaurants and Condimented Food Industry awarded him the Award for Entrepreneurial Restaurant Merit for Signature Cuisine.

Local Chef

Antonio de Jesus Martinez Garcia

Originally from Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, our Chef Antonio de Jesus Martinez Garcia delights us with his creativity. Adding his wide gastronomic knowledge of local origin to his great experience and professional career, Chef “Tony” brings us a Mexican culinary offer ranging from pre-Hispanic dishes to market, traditional and signature cuisine.
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