Samsung, proud official sponsor of FGI XXIII!

This year 2017, the International Gourmet Festival is honored with the presence of prestigious Korean brand and state-of-the-art technology expert: Samsung, who will give an exquisite demonstration of their creative line of Black Stainless appliances.

Samsung has always been synonymous with avant-garde and innovation, evolving rapidly to never fail on going one step further in regards to design, quality and functionality at home.

Appliances nowadays need to look amazing. That is how Samsung created the Black Stainless color, which intensifies the beauty of any kitchen with its elegant and stylish appearance, therefore on this occasion, they will further embellish the fantastic restaurants of the International Gourmet Festival.

Among the star products that will be present, we find great refrigerators of the latest generation with Twin Cooling Technology that cools and freezes the compartments separately, so we have always fresh food and odors never mix.

With precise control of temperature and ventilation separately in each compartment, humidity and cooling are always optimal, in addition the exclusive FlexZone main compartment allows us to adjust its temperature between -1° C and 5° C with one simple touch, at the same time that we can adjust the space to the size of your needs.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to know the exclusive novels that Samsung and the International Gourmet Festival of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Tepic bring to you! Great surprises await you!

Bon appétit!



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