The 23rd FGI has an official opening date!

Countdown begins for all foodies! Many of them already have an idea of what awaits them at the International Gourmet Festival, but this great event never stops amazing us.

From Friday November 10, 2017 until Sunday 19, we will have the pleasure to welcome the most demanding diners to surprise them with the new creations that the celebrated guest and local chefs will prepare for all of them.

As it is already a culinary tradition, the splendid scenarios where this distinguished feast will take place will be the world-famous tourist destination Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit, along with the beautiful and cultural capital of the state, the city of Tepic.

The great dynamism of these three fantastic destinations, is combined with the enormous variety of local ingredients that have transcended from generation to generation, evolving with the influence and knowledge of diverse cultures, due to the large number of visitors that are received.

During the ten days of the International Gourmet Festival, there are great events such as cooking classes, talks between some of the most important chefs of the world gourmet scene with students and amateurs of gastronomy, as well as the unforgettable theme nights and much more.

This year, we will have more than 30 independent restaurants and consumption centers within the most important hotels in the region, each one embellished with the presence of both high caliber chefs and the most meticulous palates that give life to the magic of this festival.

Keep an eye out for our blog, as we will again inform you of the personalities that will be participating during the month of November and all the new features that this twenty-third edition of the  International Gourmet Festival will have.

Check out our FGI 22 photo gallery.

Bon appetit!



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