Cafe Des Artistes

Guadalupe Sánchez 740,
Centro, 48300.
Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Hours: 5:30 p.m. –  11:00 p.m.


+52 (322) 226 7200

Elegance and exclusive ambiances have placed CAFÉ DES ARTISTES as an iconic reference of haute cuisine in Puerto Vallarta for over 27 years. The excellence in service and high-quality food, make of this restaurant, an ideal venue for intimate celebrations or important business reunions. The creative spirit, passion and unique style of Thierry Blouet, Chef and Founder, have placed Café des Artistes as an outstanding representative of the gastronomic pleasures found in Puerto Vallarta.

Local Chef

Lara Castellón – Executive Chef

Originally from Puerto Vallarta, she orchestrates the wonderful gourmet creations of Thierry Blouet; her love for cooking and 10 years of experience have led her to become Executive Chef of this award-winning world-class restaurant.

Guest Chef

Ramsés Navarro

The firmament of culinary stars recently opened up for Ramsés Navarro, a 31-year-old Mexican chef and the most recent Mexican winner of a Michelin Star, currently running the restaurant “Le Moulin de l’Abbaye” located in Brantôme, France, the land of winter and summer truffles; he is an hour away from Saint-Émilion and its world-class wines; but he is also surrounded by passionate product lovers. “With the pandemic, I wanted to exploit even more the short circuits of the product. The big restaurants are working without a menu; you arrive, they give you a blank menu and ask you how many times you want. That’s what I wanted to implement by working with my producers, they show me what they have and I work on it.
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